Cyber Security for business a few easy tips

This is the second post from FRANKsecure on cyber security and with thanks from our domain hosting providers Domain Registration Services who have graciously allowed me to purge their information onto you. And I do so because the advice is simple and easy to effect by you without having to have any IT knowledge what-so-ever.

Sure, seek professional assistance on other levels of cyber security, but don’t hesitate to act on the simple and effective strategies suggested by this article.

I am going to highlight a few of the article’s suggested actions, but I highly recommend that you click through to the full article on Domain Registration Service’s website as there are further links and more indepth discussion on the ways to reduce your online risks.

Be Alert

Be Aware

Be Advised

Conducting business online? Then you should manage the following;

  1. Passwords
  2. System & Software Updates
  3. Email Security, avoid phishing attacks
  4. Free Wi-Fi, if you must use them try and use a VPN
  5. Firewalls
  6. Anti-Virus Anti-Malware scanners
  7. Back-ups
  8. Default Accounts and Remote Access

Why does FRANKsecure enter into the Cyber Security arena? Because we have to. So many of our security products are connecting to the internet and it is in our and your interest to be alert, be aware and be advised.

Don’t be scared, the internet is great and is a powerful tool. FRANKsecure are happy to discuss aspects of your cyber security in relation to your security devices that may be coming online such as Locks, Home Automation, Cameras and Alarm Systems, Intercom … it really is becoming the Internet of Things.

Full Article can be found here.

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