Cloud based locking solution

Cloud based locking solution for residential and commercial use

Salto KS or key as a service.

Every door deserves to be smarter. SALTO defines how your business access control should work. Making it easy for everyone. Making it simple for any door.

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  • Simple,
  • Elegant,
  • One Door or Hundreds of Doors,
  • Small & Medium Enterprise
  • Smart Homes,
  • or for simply Smart Clients

Control with convenience.

A SALTO KS account allows you to define who goes where and when in a building. Create profiles for users, assign or block tags, define which doors they may enter on which days, at which times.

  • iOs and Android smartphone app
  • PC or Mac
  • Open any door remotely
  • Messages and alerts to your smartphone
  • bank level security

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How it works.

The IQ is the hub of the system. Finds the best connectivity to communicate with SALTO KS locks and the SALTO KS apps.

  • 3G connectivity or
  • Wi-Fi connectivity … you choose

Salto IQ

Door access points are equipped with a wireless SALTO lock, which takes commands from the IQ inside the property. Use any combination of locks to manage access throughout a whole property or even across different properties in different locations.

Say goodbye to copying keys.

Tags replace that ring of keys, and grants designated access to visitors, employees, or even delivery services whenever it’s appropriate for them to enter.

Simply assign a tag, and define when and where that tag can go.

Lost tags are inevitable; simply block and assign a new one. Even receive a notification if someone tries to enter with a blocked tag.

Salto fobs

FRANKsecure is a major installer of Salto Access Products in Australia, having installations in Private Schools, Tafe College facilities, Racecourses, Marinas, Fire Stations, and SME’s.

This is a ground-breaking product that brings wireless electronic access control to SMEs, providing vastly better functionality and performance than is possible in a traditional mechanical solution with a flexible management system that requires no software installation nor the cost of a fully-wired electronic product.

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