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Building Site Security

Building Site Security FRANKsecure’s UniqCam solution provides building site security issues with a robust and affordable security camera solution with some rather unique features that sets it apart from other existing camera solutions. Firstly, the UniqCam is a fully self sufficient unit in that it does… Read more >


uniQcam uniQcam, A standalone CCTV video surveillance solution without the cable. 2 primary model offerings, the Falcon Pro, a colour and black & white camera solution and the Owl Pro, a black & white camera solution. Features both standard and optional include; Infra-red night vision Optional solar… Read more >

Video Analytics for Schools

Video Analytics for Schools Security of our children is paramount and a tremendous amount of pressure is placed on education facilities to ensure adequate security is in place to protect their students. In addition to the safety of students and teachers, schools seem to attract… Read more >

Video Analytics Hospitality

Video Analytics Hospitality The hospitality industry is faced with some serious responsibility over the care of their patrons including the safety and security of people and their belongings. Hospitality have particular security concerns and video analytics endeavours to minimise the impact of such events by… Read more >

Video Analytics Retail Environment

Video Analytics Retail Environment Analysing video data in a retail environment can provide very powerful information not only for security and safety of workers and the customers but also for the business operators. Often thousands of dollars are invested into camera systems and Video Analytics… Read more >

Supercharge Your Camera System

Supercharge Your Camera System Is your security camera system doing all it can for your business? Camera System Video Analytics will increase your return on investment and supercharge your security system. If you thought a security camera system is just for recording imagery of what happened… Read more >

What happened?

What happened? No, not a late night out with a jaded memory, more like what happened when I was away? Camera systems provide just that solution. I do not describe camera systems as a deterrent to crime, but they are certainly an asset and worthy… Read more >

I can no longer view my cameras remotely?

I can no longer view my cameras remotely? A very common problem amongst remote viewing smartphone apps connecting to your home or office camera system. When you connect your security camera recording device, DVR/NVR, to your modem router it is assigned an IP address and a… Read more >

Privacy & CCTV Systems

Privacy & CCTV Systems Below is an extract from the Australian law Reform Commission website, discussing the implications of Privacy Law infringement and the Use of Security Cameras. FRANKsecure recommend care is taken when installing Security Camera Systems to ensure management plans are put in… Read more >

Is your security system secure?

Is your security system … Secure? That’s right! How secure is your security system? Can a thief easily circumvent your system? You have probably spent some good dollars on your security, be it, locks, key systems, alarm, cameras or a safe. But what have you… Read more >