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UltraLoq Smartlock

UltraLoq Smartlock A new lock to the Australian market built solidly and with features most people are seeking yet simple to install and use. UltraLoq 3 will be available from FRANKsecure in 2 models; UL3 standard fingerprint access pin code access key override feature IP65… Read more >

Cloud based locking solution

Cloud based locking solution for residential and commercial use Salto KS or key as a service. Every door deserves to be smarter. SALTO defines how your business access control should work. Making it easy for everyone. Making it simple for any door. Simple, Elegant, One… Read more >

Digital Lockset Carbine RFID

Digital Lockset Carbine RFID The new¬†Digital Lockset Carbine RFID offers excellent product features for homes and small business looking to replace their keyed lockset for a smarter lock. Two models are available; The RFID leverset, and The RFID deadbolt Primary features include open lock by… Read more >

User Guide Salto _ User Lists

User Guide Salto _ User Lists List of Users allocated a specific Access Level From the HAMs software screen select the User Access Level icon at the top of the screen (Two Heads) A window will appear showing a list of User Access Levels. Select… Read more >

Who’s at the door?

Who’s at the door? The door bell sounds, you are heading the door and it’s after dark, hopefully the person (or persons) behind your closed door is someone you know. A simple home security system should always include a video intercom system. Intercom systems allow… Read more >

Salto is made for Schools

Salto is made for Schools. FRANKsecure would like to introduce you to Salto and how it can assist your security and access requirements in your school facility. FRANKsecure have been installing access control systems for over 20 years and in recent years we have become… Read more >

Is an intercom a security device?

Is an intercom a security device? It sure is. An intercom is not merely a device for lazy people not wanting to walk up to their front door to answer. Intercom systems are a very convenient access control system and most certainly a security device…. Read more >

Throw Away Your Remotes

Open your gate/garage door with your Mobile The GSM-1000 works on latest GSM technology. All you need is to insert a valid SIM card and program phone numbers of all users through simple SMS text commands. When an authorised user makes a call to the… Read more >