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A Home Invasion?

Probably not a home invasion, but the chap in this 18 second video was certainly running away from something but because of the perimeter alarm system he wasn’t going to stay at this property in Molendinar Gold Coast. Watch the 18 second youtube video below… Read more >

Xmas is fast approaching

Wow! It feels like we have just recovered from last Christmas and yet here it is again. To help stay cool and collected as the silly season approaches it is a good idea to start making checklists now. Not only do you need to ensure… Read more >

Prevent a Home Invasion

FRANKsecure is all about solutions… We have product to assist in pre-alerting occupants of a home that someone is on their property. This can possibly reduce the potential of a home invasion. There have been a number of home invasions in recent months, this is… Read more >

Remotes… and more Remotes!

FRANKsecure’s Catalogue pages have been bolstered with more available remotes for vehicles. Rolling Code remotes; programmable models for vehicles, gates & garage doors some remotes require diagnostic tools to enrol the them into the vehicle Fixed Code remotes; clonable models if you have a working… Read more >