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Letterbox Security Gold Coast

Letterbox Security Gold Coast. FRANKsecure are aware and sympathise with anyone who have suffered losses due to letterbox theft. No ! Not theft of the actual Letterbox but of the contents in the letterbox. You know how there is the continual talk and chatter about… Read more >

Travellers Mini Alarm System

You can have your very own Travellers Mini Alarm System thanks to some amazing DIY security products from FRANKsecure. Travelling overseas and within our own beautiful Australian borders can present various security risks to your own well being. Not all hotels and motels provide secure… Read more >

Secure your electrical box.

Secure your electrical box.   So you have spent a few thousand dollars on an extensive alarm system, Great! You have the latest Security Alarm System giving you fantastic pictures and access by the internet, Very Smart! But have you placed a simple padlock on… Read more >

Security Cameras Your Compliance Assistant.

Security Cameras Your Compliance Assistant. Security Camera Systems are often thought of only for their primary purpose of recording events and the most common thought of reason being for identifying persons and how security breaches occurred. In today’s business environment compliance has become a major… Read more >

Simple Home Security Remedies

Simple home security remedies doesn’t mean spending thousands of dollars on complex electronic security systems. Even though FRANKsecure can certainly assist you in designing any level of electronic security system to fit your budget and requirements, still a vast percentage of our daily work is… Read more >

Cyber Security for business a few easy tips

This is the second post from FRANKsecure on cyber security and with thanks from our domain hosting providers Domain Registration Services who have graciously allowed me to purge their information onto you. And I do so because the advice is simple and easy to effect by… Read more >

Man Cave Security

Man Cave Security _ what you need to know. The advent of the Man Cave is upon us. We certainly have more toys than we can store at home, so why not invest in a Man Cave. It’s a great idea. Man Cave’s can be… Read more >

Building Site Security

Building Site Security FRANKsecure’s UniqCam solution provides building site security issues with a robust and affordable security camera solution with some rather unique features that sets it apart from other existing camera solutions. Firstly, the UniqCam is a fully self sufficient unit in that it does… Read more >

Is your home ready for the holiday season?

Is your home ready for the holiday season? It is October 2016 and we can now say “We are only weeks away from Christmas”. That is a scary prospect on many fronts, presents to buy, holidays to confirm, school functions, work functions, fix the pool pump,… Read more >

Locked and Armed

Locked and Armed Alarm systems are an excellent deterrent to break & enter attempts. Any system that notifies an intruder that they have been detected will greatly lessen the time that intruder will stay. If that system can notify an intruder before they in fact… Read more >

Secure the perimeter

Secure the perimeter Good security practices entail looking at various strategies to prevent a break & enter or to prevent a home invasion. What is the perimeter? The perimeter is the space surrounding your home. Often you will have a fence, not always. You may… Read more >

Salto is made for Schools

Salto is made for Schools. FRANKsecure would like to introduce you to Salto and how it can assist your security and access requirements in your school facility. FRANKsecure have been installing access control systems for over 20 years and in recent years we have become… Read more >

Security back to basics

Taking Security back to basics.   Our current world and it’s product offerings is fantastic, with so many futuristic, internet enabled devices to keep us in touch with absolutely everything in our lives from friends, family, television programming, and even security. Yes, FRANKsecure has an array… Read more >