A good safe is likely to be your best investment towards securing your valuables. Choose wisely and don’t jump at the cheapest model you find, look into the attributes and quality of features to represent the best value for your circumstances.

Safes Gold Coast. Safes arguably perform the most important function of any security system, stopping the theft of your valuables.

All other security system components are good prevention solutions, a good safe will stop the theft.

4 primary attributes should be considered when looking at purchasing a safe.

  1. Safes are not all made the same. Such as variances in steel and alloys used, locking mechanisms etc.
  2. Fire protection, Security protection or both.
  3. The size.  Our sincere recommendation is to determine the size you feel you need then get a safe with at least 50% more capacity.
  4. The security rating. The general rule of thumb is the more security features the longer it will take for someone to break-in to the safe if at all.

Retail Store Safes (Hardware & Stationery Stores)

Most retail safes are cheaper simply due to the lack of steel used in the construction of the safe. These safes will be up to one third the weight of a similar sized quality steel safe.

The locking mechanism is another major difference between the retail store safes and those FRANKsecure offer. Most locksmiths will be able to open a retail store safe in a matter of moments, whereas many locksmiths will shy away from trying to open a good quality safe & refer you to a specialist safe opening locksmith.

You certainly get what you pay for when purchasing a safe.

Burg Security Safes

German engineered safes from Burg Wachter offer superb quality finishes and formidable security features;

Point Series;

  • 5 size capacities, 6.7L _ 20.5L _ 27.9L _ 38.8L _ 57.9L
  • single steel walled security
  • no fire
  • suggested insurable rating $5,000

CombiLine series;

  • 3 size capacities, 15L _ 27L _ 50L
  • dual walled security
  • certified 30 minute fire rating
  • suggested insurable rating $10,000~$35,000

Karat series;

  • 2 size capacities, 26L _ 45L
  • stainless steel bodied safe offering high oxy-torch resistance
  • digital & fingerscan models
  • suggested insurable rating $35,000~$45,000

Diplomat series;

  • 4 size capacities, 28L _ 38L _ 56L _ 96L
  • triple walled security safe
  • certified 1hour fire rating
  • fingerscan opening
  • suggested insurable rating $50,000~$70,000

Within in the Burg brand we also have access to Letterboxes, Gun Safes, Cash Boxes and Key Cabinets to secure your property.

  • Point Safes
  • Combiline
  • Karat
  • Diplomat

    Secuguard Safes

    Our Secuguard range of safes represent excellent value and operating options for most homes and small businesses looking to step up from retail store safes but may have a tighter budget to be looking at certified safes.

    The Secuguard range are made very close to the specs of certified safes but have not been certified for security or fire. They have been designed to provide security or provide fire protection.

    The one thing they haven’t scrimped on is the locking mechanism.

    Most of the range have a top quality SecuRam digital Lock or our own Australian Ross Lock.

    FRANKsecure normally stock the steel plate range of safes suitable for homes and small business as well as the Deposit Safe range for Cash Management in retail outlets.

    Also available are Key Cabinets, Cash Boxes, Gun Safes and Hotel Safes.




    Second Hand Safes

    Great Value More Security

    Our range of second hand safes will generally provide you better value for your security level than buying new. Apart from external bumps & scratches there is not a lot that deteriorates on a safe as they spend the most of their working lives sitting in an office.

    Click this lick to view the current safes we have available for purchase.


    Key Storage

    Key storage solution by FRANKsecure start at the basic key rack options which can be attached to walls, cupboard doors inside locked rooms or a portable keyboard for carrying keys about.

    Moving up the scale we can provide;

    • key locked key cabinets
    • digital locking key cabinets,
    • high security keyed key cabinets
    • Salto access controlled key cabinets
    • Digital opening key safes which have far stronger steel walls than traditional key cabinets
    • Full access controlled key management cabinets.

    Refer to the various attached flyers to see what we can do to protect your keys.

  • Kidde Key Boxes
  • Secuguard Key safes & cabinets
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