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Keys for everything FRANKsecure will cut keys for just about everything. Keys open the world, they protect us from intruders, they provide access, keys start your car. Keys have been around for hundreds of years and I expect they will be around for some time… Read more >

Keys for everything

FRANKsecure will cut keys for just about everything.

Keys open the world, they protect us from intruders, they provide access, keys start your car. Keys have been around for hundreds of years and I expect they will be around for some time to come.

Although we are seeing an influx of the electronic key;

  • remotes
  • keyless car fobs
  • rfid access cards and fobs

The above may not look like the traditional key but they do the same thing, ‘Open Doors”

FRANKsecure have the machinery to cut you very accurate keys, and often we will cut keys only to code which provides you with a key copy to exact lock specification. Duplicated keys will be micro-millimetres out from the original key cut since the duplicating needle rides over the top of the original key cuts. Over time and duplicates on unkept cutting equipment will lead to keys that won’t work well or not at all.

Looking after your keys is not usually a concern for most people until you can’t find them, or worse, someone has stolen them. Keys are integral to the overall security of your property, and without them even you won’t have access to your property.

If worried about the latest BUMPING craze that has flooded the internet then installing a security key system will prevent 99% of that problem. Regular persons do not have access to security key blanks in order to make BUMP keys, so installing a security key system from a reputable locksmith who manages high security systems (be aware there are some lower level security key systems made available to many small locksmiths in the same area, and this increases the risk and availability of these key blanks to the wider public), where access to key blanks is only available to a limited number of locksmiths Australia wide and this improves the security and integrity of your key system massively.


Master Key Systems should be an important component of your access control system.

The concept of a registered master key system is to provide the end user with a secure key issue system, and by keeping record of what keys you have a client can then determine and confirm the integrity of keyed access to their premises.

Other benefits of registered master key systems include;

  • choice of high security and standard registered key systems
  • high security key systems offer higher levels of master keying and higher physical security due the extreme difficulty in picking locks and their resistance to drill attack on locks
  • modern registered key systems offered by FRANKsecure include coloured key heads which dramatically improves the visibility of key holders and the level of key access they are holding
  • the availability of computer key management software to assist clients in the ongoing management, ordering and issue of keys


Bilock security keys

  • distinctive dual edged key and logo
  • high security master key system
  • durable strong keys
  • 20 colour coded key heads for quick key identification
  • high tamper resistance to picking attacks
  • flexibility up to 17,000,000 key combinations allows high level of master keying
  • quick change cores provides quick & easy re-key of lock cylinders
  • Australian made product
  • large range of lock options compatible with Bilock
  • Bilock Exclusive

    Series6 security keys

    • 6 pin in-line key system
    • medium security master key system
    • 8 coloured key heads for ease of key identification
    • Australian made product

    Read more about JY here

  • Series6 catalogue

    Energex keys & locks

    Locks are available to customers who wish to secure their property and allow access to Energex meter readers.

    You can obtain your lock directly from any of the Energex approved locksmiths which FRANKsecure are.

    When purchasing your lock, you will need to provide your selected locksmith with your NMIand meter number(s), which are both viewable on your electricity bill.

    We will be able to access this lock via the Energex master key. If you have lost your key please call an Energex approved locksmith.

    Lock types include padlocks, keyed knobsets, oval cylinders for mortice locks, rim lock cylinders, as well as a range of hasps to fit to electrical boxes and key boxes to lock up other keys to be accessed by the Energex Master Key.


    Key Management Program

    Key Manager Software allows users of master key systems to;

    • fully control the issue of keys and the return of keys to staff and key users
    • users should not under estimate the value and importance of key issue control
    • an ideal solution for schools, manufacturing,real estate agents, councils, hospitals, universities, sports clubs and home service businesses
    • key tracking made simple
    • software options can stand alone or networked
    • software is upgradable at anytime
    • simplified reporting system
    • direct link to your locksmith for key ordering
  • KeyManagerFlyer
  • UserGuide

    Vehicle Keys & Remotes

    FRANKsecure will cut to code (like a factory original) all of your vehicle keys.

    For most modern vehicles transponders play an integral role in how your key will operate the vehicle. FRANKsecure can provide new transponder keys to any CLONABLE key. Where your car requires connection directly to your vehicle’s Central Processing Unit (CPU) we can recommend a couple of professional auto locksmith specialists if you do not want to use the vehicle dealership.

    Standard keys

    The bread and butter work of a locksmith is providing professionally cut keys.

    FRANKsecure has literally thousands of various key blanks ready for your key-cut needs.

    Letterbox and Cabinet keys

    Safe keys

    Garage and Gate Remotes

    Available both original and aftermarket remotes to suit your motorised openings.

    Generally relating to garage doors and vehicle gate motors.

    We highly recommend reprogramming your Garage and Gate motors when moving into a new home or business as you never know if the landlord or prior owner has handed you every remote that has been programmed to open your door/gate.

    It’s a simple process and if you cannot get around to working it out then have FRANKsecure come and re-key both your locks and reprogram your gate and garage motors.

    We understand that in today’s world you can end up with as many remotes as you do keys. FRANKsecure has a number of solutions that may just suit your situation.

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    Secure your keys, fobs & remotes

    An easy take.

    Car theft is on the rise and they are doing it easier than ever. Yes, car transponder technology has improved the security of cars and it is far more difficult to steal a car without the keys.

    So what are thrives doing?  They are stealing the keys of course.

    click through to read more about securing your keys