Digital Locks

Get rid of your keys and install a digital lockset.

Digital Locking

Digital locking provide convenient access control to hinged and sliding doors without the need to run wiring and install electronic locking devices.

A variety of functions are available in digital locks and should be considered before purchasing as the functions cannot be added or deleted and the fixing requirements will vary from one brand to another.

Basic function is achieved from the mechanical digital locksets which do not require power (batteries);

  • single code for all users
  • single or double coded for entry / egress
  • turn knobs or levers
  • key override options

Increased functionality is achieved from electronic digital locksets which require power (batteries);

  • options for multiple user codes
  • options to obtain audit trail of accesses
  • options to provide time zone access to prevent out-of-hours access
  • key override options

Salto KS

Salto KS is key as a service model utilising battery operated locksets with high-end access control features without the high-end costing of buying such an access control system.

Suits AirBNB and other rental accommodation properties as well as Small Businesses who need access control over and above the features of standard access locksets but don’t have the budget to maintain enterprise level access sytems.

Read more about Salto KS here including videos


Carbine 3-in-1

Carbine RFID locks


Two lock models to choose from, the leverset or electronic deadbolt.

3-in-1 operation, by key, by PIN code, by RFID card

Dual authentication mode PIN + RFID card

Vacation mode

Read more about the Carbine 3-in-1 here

  • Deadbolt flyer
  • Leverset flyer


    A standalone fingerprint & touchscreen smartlock.


    2 models currently available

    Available in Aged Bronze or Satin Nickel

    UL3 standard

    • fingerprint access
    • pin code access
    • key override feature
    • IP65 rated

    UL3 BT

    • fingerprint access
    • pin code access
    • key override feature
    • IP65 rated
    • bluetooth connectivity

    Bluetooth Connectivity will provide users of this lock with advance smartphone connectivity to unlock the lock and additional features such as Knock to Open or Click to Open. You will be able to view users and view Logs of user entries. If another UltraLoq is installed you may Clone the programming to the new lock.

  • Ultaloq UL3
  • Ultraloq UL3 BT

    Codelocks Smartlock

    Smartlocks by Codelocks is an amazing new standalone product featuring the Netcode function.

    Perfect for Airbnb style rentals as a code can be generated remotely and sent by text or email to your guest without ever attending the lock. And no internet is required!

  • CL4500 flyer


    Squire have combined high security and digital convenience into their range of padlocks, padbolts and key safes.

    Change the code to your desired sequence anytime you need to.

    Convenience is here thanks to Squire Locks.

    See the range of Squire products here.

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