Camera Systems

With Vision you have knowledge. Empower your security systems with a quality camera system.

Commercial Grade Systems

Commercial grade camera systems are not “off-the-shelf” kit-form camera systems. A camera system design and infrastructure for true commercial applications require proper consideration toward;

  • analytical requirements
  • cabling infrastructure
  • management software capabilities
  • internet and network boundaries
  • camera specifications

A commercial camera system’s back-bone should be an open-platform enabling you to install any camera that you require to perform the function you need.

Domestic & Small Business Grade Systems

Budget, ease of installation and immediate availability are usually the base-line requirements for domestic and most small business camera system applications.

For these systems we deploy NVR (network video recorders)  kit systems to provide simple “plug-and-play” set-ups. Although we are limited to selection of cameras and how the system can ultimately operate, the selection is normally more than adequate to provide these clients with an excellent value-for-money solution.

Internet and Remote Access

It is the day and age of electronic wizardry and most people are expecting remote access and notifications from their security installations. This is available and certainly possible in most circumstances. With this in mind it is critical to understand that the eventual result is highly dependant on the client’s internet connection, both at the installation site and at the current location they are wanting to connect from. Also, as the security equipment is being connected to the internet via a host of 3rd party modems, routers and wi-fi extenders, clients must also be ready to manage these devices when connectivity is lost.

IP NVR Systems

Internet Protocol (IP) cameras are the current go-to cameras in the modern era.

IP cameras provide a few benefits;

  • connectivity through networks which ultimately provides remote access capability
  • an ever increasing camera resolution
  • incredible video analytics

An NVR is a Network Video Recorder which the cameras are connected to via the ethernet network, and using hard drives to store the imagery. Embedded software will provide functions in relation to how and when recordings are made and then for reviewing captured footage.

Remote Location Cameras

Standalone, self powered cameras for remote location recording.

Indeed a unique solution is our uniQcam offering superb battery life in a standalone surveillance security camera solution.

Read more on uniQcam here

HD Coaxial System

The traditional camera system was wired via coaxial cable.

Our HD (high definition) Coaxial systems enable homes and businesses to upgrade their cameras to high resolution HD imagery without having to recable their premises.

Edge Recording Systems

It is possible to create a network of one camera to as many cameras as you require without the need of a separate recorder.

Edge Recording is utilising cameras with an inbuilt SD card slot and the camera is programmed to record to that SD card.

Access to the imagery is by the network using either smartphone apps or PC downloadable software (often free).

An excellent option when only one or two cameras are required or where networking the camera to an existing network is impractical.

Cloud Solutions

Cloud Video Solutions are an incredible additional to our offer of video surveillance solutions, and when teamed with our Risco Alarm System alarm verification has become a thing of the past.

You will know what set of the alarm each and every time.


Milestone is your choice of camera system backbone for

  • Large installations.
  • Requirement for analytic’s and reporting.
  • Need to have freedom of camera choice for each application.
  • Future proofing your installation for years to come.

FRANKsecure have Milestone certified designers and technicians ready to assist in the design, or possible re-design of your camera system network.

Video Analytics

Supercharge your security camera installation.

In fact users are installing camera systems with video analytic capabilities for everything but security. Of course security is achievable, but video analytics provides you with so much more.

Video Analytics for schools

Video Analytics for Retail

Video Analytics for Hospitality

Supercharge your camera system

Wi-Fi Systems

Low range WiFi for home use or Long Range WiFi systems with our Ubiqiti transmitters removes the need for cabling complexities.

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