Access Control

Access Control provides convenient access, not always increased security.

Access Control Systems _ ease of access, controlled access, audited access

Access control systems are systems or a singular lock that controls the access to a building, shed, gate or room. FRANKsecure  have multiple mechanisms that act as a form of access control. Not every situation requires an advanced and sophisticated access system. As you will see from the below suite of products an Access System can start with a key control system.

Some of the most popular Access Systems being adopted by homes and business are ones that do-away with a key. We should point out that fobs, cards and remotes also constitute being called a key since you have to carry it just the same as you would a key. So systems and locks that utilise PIN code and Fingerprint technology are the most widely adopted systems. This way there is no key (or fob, card, remote) to forget or lose.

Systems with keys, fobs and remotes mean the person entering a property must have the right key/card/fob/remote. that in itself is a form of security. Why is it higher security than a standard key from a lock purchased from the hardware store? The simple answer is the hardware store lock key can be duplicated at any hardware store. Whereas keys from a master key system must be signed for by the correct recorded authority, fobs/cards/remotes need to be programmed into the access system, so unless someone has specialised credential copying equipment then the likelihood of someone duplicating the credential is less (although these devices are becoming more readily available). There are other ways to prevent this type of duplication occurring.

FRANKsecure feature the following Access Systems ;

  1. Master Key Systems
  2. Mechanical digital locksets
  3. Electronic battery powered locksets
  4. Electronic mains powered locks
  5. Integration of all of above

Be sure to visit our Display Centre and become educated on the best choice of Access Control for your situation.

Master Key Systems

The cornerstone of any well designed Access Control System

FRANKsecure are proud to be partnered with the leading Australian owned manufacturer Australian Lock Company to provide our clients with simply the best suite of security keyed products available.

Be secure in knowing that your investment in the security to the access of your premises is also securing the jobs of many Australians and that your investment dollar is remaining right here.

Review the product line-up below and be sure to discuss with us the benefits you will obtain by using  Bilock or Series 6.

Controlling access to your premises is paramount in your ability to secure your premises and when you can be confident that employees cannot simply duplicate their set of work keys then you will certainly sleep more soundly. Combine a master key system with other levels of access control and you are well on the way to establishing a formidable defence in protecting your valuables and critical information.

  • Bilock
  • Key colours
  • Series 6

    Digital Locks

    Selection of Locksets to replace the existing lock on your entry / office / storeroom door, in mechanical and battery options.

    • coded locksets
    • biometric
    • fobs / card access
    • remote operated
    • bluetooth (coming soon!!)

    Now we are talking, locks and I don’t have to carry a key! Now that’s convenience, less to carry in my pocket or purse. Never lose a key again. There are so many advantages to having keyless locks, and we at FRANKsecure love them. But please also be aware of their limitations in function and deemed security. Be aware and you will be a happy keyless lock user.

    Types of keyless locks;

    1. Mechanical Digital Locks, no batteries, you normally have to remove the lock to change the code, you can only have one code, cheaper versions can be “picked” so keep those one inside not on your front entry door.
    2. Battery operated Electronic Locks, normally can have multiple codes, some have schedules for controlling when users can use their code, must be aware of the LED and Beep signals for when the batteries are getting low.
    3. The Not-So-Keyless Locks, there are a number of locks claiming to be keyless but you are still required to carry either a remote or tag FOB


    Salto Inspired Access

    A revolutionary product providing commercial grade access control with virtually no wires.

    • lock escutcheons for hinged doors_ NO Wires
    • GEO cylinders_ NO Wires_ replaces a standard keyed cylinder
    • readers for motor driven access applications
    • locker doors
    • panic bars
    • and much more

    FRANKsecure have installed hundreds of doors onto Salto including;

    • TAFE
    • high schools
    • holiday hi-rise accommodation units
    • fire departments
    • marina jetty berths
    • padlocks
    • keyswitch entries (garage, lifts, electric strike doors)
    • home entry doors
  • School Lock Down Solution
  • GEO Cylinders For Server Racks

    keyless gate system

    Open your gate/garage door with your Mobile

    The GSM-1000 works on latest GSM technology.

    All you need is to insert a valid SIM card and program phone numbers of all users through simple SMS text commands.

    When an authorised user makes a call to the receiver, it rejects the call after a single ring and activates a relay.

    Since the call is rejected, the user is not charged for the call.

    The GSM-1000 works on GSM network therefore the receiver can be activated from anywhere in the country where GSM network is available.

    For example you can open your gate or switch on your kitchen lights in Sydney from Melbourne by making a call from your mobile phone and without getting charged.

    It is portable and as simple as making a call.

    • 64 user capacity
    • piggy-back devices if more than 64 users are desired
    • excludes sim card, will incur any sim card charges applied by your provider
    • only other costs once installed is any SMS message required to program the device or when utilising the 2 output features via SMS messaging
  • User manaual
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