Cash Drawer Lock with audit trail

Securing a cash till in a showroom or retail store can be a challenge.

Not every store owner has a linked cash drawer to their POS software, but now you can secure your cash and audit who and when they opened and closed the drawer for only $363.00 (plus installation where required).

Watch the short 12 second YouTube video on how easy it is to operate on a simple drawer acting as a cash drawer in a showroom.

With 2 simple management system options, a Master Card management system and a Software based management system.

The Master Card System is a shadow card system;

  • no software, but then unfortunately there will be no audit function
  • a Master Card is used to place the lock into program mode
  • a User Card is presented to activate a card
  • the Shadow Card is used to delete the User Card from the lock
  • as easy as that

The software management system;

  • software starts at $285.00 for up to 100 users
  • you can opt for a pay as you go service where we manage your database and when an audit is required for a simple callout fee one of our technicians will come out to obtain the audit from the lock
  • when considering the software option there are other peripherals required to create an operable management system, so may not be warranted unless other access controlled doors are required in your business

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