Car Security

Car Security

It’s all about you!

Today’s vehicles have excellent security inclusions, namely engine immobilisers synchronised with the vehicle transponder system. This technology has effectively stopped the “hot-wiring” business and in order to steal your car the thief needs your key.

A recent Qld Police report  explained of 2 thieves approaching the driver of a vehicle, in this case both BMW drivers on the Gold Coast. The first attempt was in a Helensvale Shopping Centre carpark where the perpetrators approached the driver of a BMW as he just parked the car. They produced a knife, physically man-handled the man and obtained his keys. Fortunately they were unable to start the vehicle and took off. The same perpetrators preceded to Robina where they followed and approached a woman who had just parked her vehicle in her garage. Once again a knife was produced, the keys obtained and this time they managed to drive-off with the BMW.

This is rather frightening to think they are becoming brazen and approaching persons in broad daylight to steal your keys. In these incidents you can only be AWARE of your surroundings at all times. Easier said than done I know, but certainly something to think about if you notice a vehicle following you, particularly to your home. In these situations you could do a number of things;

  1. shut the garage door behind you before exiting the vehicle, and before someone could follow you in,
  2. keep driving to a safer, more public place if you feel threatened by a following car,
  3. use your phone to call someone if feeling threatened
  4. if you are home and have an alarm system with perimeter security, then arm that security before getting out of the car so the intruders have a chance of setting off the alarm

Other incidents of car key theft are becoming common, namely from your home, and often again when you are home. To lessen the risk of keys going you can;

  1. lock all spare keys in a key cabinet or safe
  2. lock your regular set of keys in a key cabinet or safe as soon as you arrive home
  3. if you have an alarm consider perimeter security which can be set when you are home to alert you of unexpected intruders and to alert them that they have been detected
  4. install a car security system that is separate from the standard car security alarm, there are units available that have a wireless code pad to disarm the alarm and immobiliser
  5. install a tracking device in your vehicle