Building Site Security

Building Site Security

FRANKsecure’s UniqCam solution provides building site security issues with a robust and affordable security camera solution with some rather unique features that sets it apart from other existing camera solutions.


Firstly, the UniqCam is a fully self sufficient unit in that it does not require a plugged in power supply. The onboard software manages to run the camera with very low power requirements which means the camera can operate on it’s own battery supply for months {this can vary depending on the settings required}. Although this capability on it’s own is most useful enabling the device to be installed virtually anywhere, we have 3 additional complimentary power options;

  1. Extra battery pack,
  2. Solar hood to recharge the battery,
  3. Plug pack socket for more permanent situations or where installed internally without sun.

Security. UniqCam’s software enables the device to sync with security devices such as PIR detectors, temperature sensors, sirens etc so that you can in fact create a mini alarm system. The UniqCam will operate on it’s own without the devices as well. It has it’s own movement sensor to action the taking of pictures.

How does it work? The UniqCam device has an onboard 3G sim card which communicates to our Cloud Server and to your mobile phone. When the UniqCam is activated pictures of the event are uploaded to the Cloud Server for retrieval and viewing, and a message is forwarded to the nominated mobile phones to advise that the event has occurred.

Additional features. Builders can use the time lapse feature of UniqCam to take a series of photos of the building progress. These progress photos can be sent and made available to their clients so they can enjoy the building progress and be involved from the first day. Site foreman and project managers will have the capability of confirming the attendance of expected trades without having to be onsite themselves. Use of the magnetic switches can enable confirmation that certain gates, doors or tool boxes have been closed at day end. If not when the alarm feature sets then a message will be sent advising the magnetic switches are open.

The best feature of all the UniqCam’s features is the portability and simplicity to re-install at the next site.

Improve building site security and safety easily and quickly with UniqCam by contacting FRANKsecure to demonstrate, organise and implement your site requirements.

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