Australian Made Security.

Where is our Australian Made Security product?

We live in a world where the majority of our possessions and consumables are manufactured overseas.

This is very true for the most of the security product and door hardware we invest in to protect ourselves and our premises.

Consumers have come to expect this, especially for electronic security products since we have all become accustomed to home electronics coming from the Asia’s. You may find it interesting to know that a lot of higher end electronic security products actually come from Israel and Spain, and that Italy are still very prominent in the solid brass door hardware industry supplying our nation with beautiful lever and pull  handle designs.

Whilst it could be fair to assume that most major manufacturers and wholesalers have probably made the “move” to China, there are still a number of local manufacturers in Australia who have soldiered on and continue to provide our industry with high quality and very Australian compatible security products.

FRANKsecure are proud to offer many of the Australian made and designed products to our clients. Over the years we have established solid relationships with our suppliers and indeed we have been honoured to have had a number of our suggestions and in fact some of our complete product designs taken up by the manufacturers which have become part of the manufacturers catalogue. Our relationships with a local manufacturer often enable us to provide a custom made product for very specific circumstances which is not possible with imported mass-produced product.

In honour of Australia Day, and to acknowledge a few of our Australian companies designing and manufacturing their product here in Australia… Thank You!

(my sincere apologies to any manufacturer not listed, this is not meant to be a complete list of companies, rather a sample of companies I am aware of)

ADI Security Products _ security lockable bolts

Australian Lock Company _ mortice locks, master key systems & components

NESS Security Products_ electronic security systems

CMI Safe Co _  security safes (also a number of smaller safe manufacturers spread around the country)

Lockwood Australia _ mortice locks, lock cylinders, brass lever door furniture

CS Technologies _ electronic access control systems

Genesis_ alarm, access, automation system