With your Risco Smartphone App, enjoy full control of your security, safety, and Smart Home features directly from a single intuitive app.

From any location as you go about your day The iRISCO smartphone app provides you with convenient control on the go for total life management.


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Event History

No need to worry about keeping track of events and images when you can monitor the entire history of activities and alarm events of your home or office security system via an organised log with images.


With this cutting edge feature, you can enjoy full control of different security systems in a variety of locations, such as your home, office, parents’ home – all from a single app, for your convenience, from any location!

Partial Arm

From any location, you can effortlessly arm specific zones of your security system, such as arming the perimeter of your home while allowing free movement inside so that your family stays safe while your security system does its job.

Group Arm

Quickly preconfigure a designated group of detector that will be automatically armed or disarmed in a variety of scenarios, such as arming your business storage floor even during the day.

Status Check & Bypass

Bypass an individual detector while still securing your home or business to avoid false alarms. For example, when you accidently leave your window open, you can bypass a single detector while still arming the system.

Follow Me

No worries if you are going on vacation when you can connect to a friend, neighbour or family member to also receive notifications to their phones in case of an event at your home that needs attention.