The amazing Risco Agility3

What’s not amazing about the Risco Agility 3 ?

The Agility3 wireless architecture enables ease of installation into homes, small business, apartments and units, storage sheds and anywhere you can plug into a main power outlet and get an internet connection.

Don’t worry if you don’t have internet in a remote location away from your home or business. There are numerous options available to get you mobile internet and have you connected to your security system in no time.

Old style alarm systems were always difficult to manage. You could never know if an alarm event was for real or a false event. that has all changed with Risco’s Camera PIR detectors and stand alone wi-fi cameras that link to your Risco Cloud. Now 30 sec video or a stream of pictures are sent to your Risco Cloud on every alarm event for you to view almost instantly on your Risco Smartphone App.

With no wiring infrastructure you can easily relocate devices. A detector may be in the wrong spot on initial installation and not picking up desired movement. Well, simply relocate to another position and retest. it’s that simple. So of course this makes the Agility 3 a perfect solution for rentals. Don’t own a house? No worries, you can still own your own quality professional alarm system and take it with you to the next rental property you move to.

The best part is the ability to install Z-Wave devices and bring Home Automation convenience to your Smartphone App. One App = Security, Cameras, Automation.

Smart Home is a reality and no wiring required. Control lighting, temperature control, pool pumps and more.

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Alarm System Maintenance Guide

Agility 3

Agility™3 offers an award-winning wireless visual verification solution via integrated camera detectors, and is now performance-optimized with an extended range and 3G communication – perfect for homes and small to medium-sized businesses.

Easy to install, cloud-based Agility™3 seamlessly integrates RISCO’s Smart Home and VUpoint’s live video verification solutions to offer a comprehensive, user-connected home management solution – while also presenting a tremendous growth potential for installation professionals.

Visual Verification

Users and monitoring stations can verify if alarms are real or false by viewing real-time images of events captured with integrated camera detectors – from a convenient smartphone app or web interface. Compatible for indoor and outdoor environments – both day and night, visual verification provides for increased security, higher monitoring station efficiency, faster response rates, and fewer incidents involving unnecessary dispatches.

link to eyeWAVE wireless PIR Camera Detector

link to VuPoint

Wireless Accessories

A Wide Array of Wireless Accessories

RISCO’s wide array of sleek wireless accessories offer quick and easy installation. Our full range of accessories for security, safety and perimeter protection are based on unique technologies that offer ultimate reliability, for both indoor and outdoor use.

  • eyeWAVE PIR Camera indoor detector for visual verification of alarm events.
  • 2-way iWAVE PIR, wall mount infrared detector with 36kg pet immunity.
  • Curtain PIR, for windows and large glass doors.
  • coming soon Beyond Wireless, outdoor Camera detector with solar battery recharging capability.
  • Smoke and Heat detectors
  • Flood detector to detect water leaks or intrusion.
  • 2-way multi-function Magnetic Door/Window Contact
  • remote fobs for arming the system.
  • panic fobs
  • point-to-point beams for external protection of wide areas up to 5m

Smartphone App

Be Appsolutely connected at all times

We help you provide full protection for your home and family with a single comprehensive security system. As you go about your day, our smartphone app enables you to control your security system from any location and receive notifications regarding any status updates. In the case of an alarm event, you or your security provider will receive video clips and still images of your home, giving you the option to assess a potential threat and take the necessary actions. You can also initiate live video with the touch of a button to check in on your home and family anytime.

Smart Home

The smart choice cloud-based connected home solution

Manage your life the smart way with an affordable connected home solution that combines a Smart Home, professional security and video monitoring with easy-to-use technology for total convenience and peace of mind. Get the full package of cost-saving energy efficiency with smart temperature control, smart access of door locks and garage doors, and control of lighting, shutters, and appliances – all managed from a single, intuitive smartphone app!