Access Control Systems are exactly as the description alludes, they enable access;

  • access to doorways and other controlled opening/automated functions
  • can be via various available product solutions
  • can be mechanical or electronic
  • can be very simple or complex integrated system solutions
  • are useful for both residential and commercial applications

Choosing your applicable access control system may in fact incorporate various products to perform different functions that may require varying levels of access controls.

Access Control can provide options for;

  • simple opening of a door, gate, garage door, window, alarm system, machinery etc
  • time zoned control of when access is granted and denied
  • audit of who has made access
  • software controls for advanced functions and reporting

Products we utilise to provide Access Control;

  • Master Key Systems
  • Mechanical digital locksets (no batteries)
  • Electronic digital locksets (batteries)
  • Hard wired Access Control Systems with rfid readers utilising fobs/cards to release and electronic locking
  • Intercom Systems
  • Alarm Systems

View the catalogue for an array of access control options or contact us to discuss your situation and we can advise what we can offer to fulfil your needs.


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Our flagship access control system. Although highly suited to commercial applications many residential situations may find Salto just perfect.



Z-Wave automation incorporates access control amongst it’s other fantastic capabilities.

Digital Locksets


No batteries or batteries, we have a range of locksets designed to provide you with keyless access.



Yes, we classify intercom as an access control system. Initially it is a communication system, but it does control the access of visitors allowing them to enter without your presence at the gate or door. As well many of our intercom systems step-up in features and have in-built access keypads to provide you entry via PIN code extending intercoms credentials as an access control system.

Master key systems


The original access control system.