Digital Solutions, your second line of defence

Digital Solutions compliment your Physical Solution Systems.

Reasons to implement a digital solution may include;

  1. Convenience such as  ease of access
  2. Intelligent Access;  time access schedules, dual authentication
  3. Recording; imagery and audit trails
  4. Communication; notifcations of events to monitoring centres or directly to end-users including smartphone apps
  5. Audible warnings; to alert intruders or warn occupants
  6. Analytics of video imagery; provides intelligent business operation analytics as well as security based analytics

Digital solutions are cannot physically prevent someone from actually moving about or stop someone from stealing items or defend against a physical attack. This is because digital solutions are not physical products, they are noise makers or recorders of information or communication devices. This is not to say Digital Solutions are ineffective. Quite the contrary, Digital Solution Systems should be adopted to compliment and supplement your Physical Solutions systems.

Noise and visual devices such as sirens and light strobes can alert intruders that their presence has been detected, and more importantly FRANKsecure are strong advocates toward alerting intruders BEFORE they have need to attempt a compromise of your Physical defence solutions. That means perimeter detection.

Recording devices such as access system audit trails and video recording devices provides valuable insight beyond the use for security.

Communication is critical in order to enable Digital Solutions to advise external parties of security breaches and potential safety breaches.

Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems are exactly as the description alludes, they enable access;

  • access to doorways and other controlled opening/automated functions
  • can be via various available product solutions
  • can be mechanical or electronic
  • can be very simple or complex integrated system solutions
  • are useful for both residential and commercial applications

Choosing your applicable access control system may in fact incorporate various products to perform different functions that may require varying levels of access controls.

Access Control can provide options for;

  • simple opening of a door, gate, garage door, window, alarm system, machinery etc
  • time zoned control of when access is granted and denied
  • audit of who has made access
  • software controls for advanced functions and reporting

Products we utilise to provide Access Control;

  • Master Key Systems
  • Mechanical digital locksets (no batteries)
  • Electronic digital locksets (batteries)
  • Hard wired Access Control Systems with rfid readers utilising fobs/cards to release and electronic locking
  • Intercom Systems
  • Alarm Systems

View the catalogue for an array of access control options or contact us to discuss your situation and we can advise what we can offer to fulfil your needs.

Alarm Systems

Alarm Systems are one of the most recognised and utilised of the digital security products.

Like most product ranges there are many brands and models to select your ideal system from. So where do you begin?

Residential grade vs Commercial Grade Alarm Systems

Residential grade systems generally suit 80% of user requirements, the limitations are as follows;

  • limited user numbers
  • limited detector zones and areas
  • limited access control features
  • the most economical way to have an alarm system

Commercial grade systems are used in both residential and commercial applications when the client requires advance control features;

  • virtually unlimited number of users
  • cloud accessed software for managing the system
  • full integration of access control, alarm detection and automation features
  • advance timezone control features
  • and more…

Head to our Catalogue on Alarm Systems for a review or the FRANKsecure offering.

Back to Base Monitoring

FRANKsecure are proud to be able to provide arguably Australia’s best priced annual monitoring service.

Read more on monitoring here

Camera Systems

Camera systems are certainly the being utilised more and more in both residential and commercial situations as they become accessible by remote login applications on our smartphones.

Not only have the latest IP camera systems entered the age of the internet but the analytic capabilities of commercial grade systems and 3rd party applications enable these systems to be far more useful than security event recording devices.

Read our white paper on camera system analytics here.

Camera systems are for security and safety. A camera system is a recording device so are not utilised for preventing security breaches. Where they come into their own is for the recollection of events and for live viewing. Live viewing is a great feature for residential applications as much as for commercial applications.

Residential applications;

  • viewing children welfare around swimming pools and driveways
  • monitoring external activity without the risk of going outside
  • reviewing events that occurred when away from your property
  • remotely reviewing activity notified from perimeter alarm systems

Commercial applications;

  • insurance claims
  • theft during business hours
  • consumer activity analytics (see white paper)
  • monitor after hours services (cleaners, security guards etc)

View our catalogue for more details on the systems we are trained and skilled in.

Intercom Systems

Intercom systems are a fantastic access control system suitable for many situations;

  • audio and/or video contact with persons seeking access
  • remote connection capabilities for IP intercom systems including smartphone apps
  • additional access features such as rfid readers and codepad entry

Intercoms alone improves the security and safety of household occupants by allowing communications with outside visitors and maintaining the security barrier of your front door to remain closed.

Educate your children to run for the intercom and not the front door when visitors knock or ring the door bell.

Intercoms in the commercial environment improves security and the safety of lone workers and after hours workers for the very same reasons as the above mentioned.