Alarm System Gold Coast

Wired, Wireless, or DIY Alarm System Gold Coast

Alarm System Gold Coast Services. Need an alarm system or upgrade and you are on the Gold Coast or within an hour’s drive? Then we can assist you.

Often in the past alarm systems were considered a nuisance and an annoying necessity.

Today’s alarm systems are a necessity and are totally user friendly with awesome smartphone features when connected to the internet.

Wired or Wireless?

In fact you can have both! Our Risco LightSys2 hybrid alarm panels provides the best or both world’s in the wired and wireless arena of security devices.

Our wireless Risco Agility3 not only allows you to move your entire security system with you when you move premises but also provides you with instant video verification of alarm events by sending you pictures of each intruder event as they happen. A perfect solution to businesses and homes who may experience multiple “false” alarms because people fail to turn-off the alarm, they forget their code or remote, it happens to the best of us and ALL THE TIME. Now you can see instantly who or what caused the alarm event by viewing your smartphone app.


DIY alarm systems.

Traditionally security companies do not offer DIY alarm systems as they mean no labour component to the sale. Albeit the truth in that, FRANKsecure believe that everyone has a right to access some form of security with whatever budget they have. Not everyone can afford the installation costs of a professional alarm system and therefore require the DIY option. So YES, FRANKsecure have DIY alarm options for you.

In fact these DIY solutions are perfect for frequent traveller or frequent mover. You may in fact simply wish to protect your bedroom in a shared accommodation situation. Like the professional systems you can receive notifications of events on your smartphone and if an internet connection is practical then you can also receive video verification as well.


Don’t hesitate to contact FRANKsecure for more information and assistance in re-creating your mindset on alarms. You’ll love the Risco systems and the Risco App.

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