Alarm and Camera Systems Gold Coast_ User Guides

Alarm and Camera Systems Gold Coast_ User Guides are going to be your secret weapon this summer holiday.

Alarm and Camera Systems Gold Coast_ User Guides

It is that time of the year when the temperatures soar, thunderstorms roll in and we all want to have some time off for a well earned holiday.

It is also a good time to dig out your User Guides for any of your electronic security devices that may decide to throw a fit and not work during this same period.

Why the User Guide?

  1. They are in fact a very handy guide on how to use your security device. Don’t be scared. Get involved and learn a little about how your alarm or camera system actually works. I also find that you will learn a lot about what other things it can do for you and you may want to upgrade the programming of it to take advantage of it’s skills.
  2. Technicians may be difficult to get to your site in the holiday period as they too are probably taking their well earned break.
  3. Parts are difficult to source as most product supply company’s close down over the holiday period.
  4. We can assist you over the phone in many instances if you have your Guides handy.

Tips on reading the User Guide.

  1. My No.1 tip is to read the Contents and highlight the areas that affect you most, for example;
    1. How to acknowledge a system fault and stop the annoying beeps from the code pad.
    2. To identify system faults.
    3. How to change user access Pin Codes on alarms and electronic lock systems.
    4. How to view footage after an event on a camera system.
  2. Extract sections to create a shortened version and have your own Quick Guide.
  3. Maintain an electronic version in PDF format, including your Quick Guide.
    1. keep the pdf’s on file on your computer or better still on your smartphone so you can read them whilst at your device.
  4. Practice.

We may have some of your User Guides available here on our website. Click this link to our Client Support section.