4 best security tips for the holidays

It’s holiday season, the kids are off school, the sun is out and excitement is at an all time high as Christmas Day approaches. With this in mind here are the 4 best security tips for the holidays as seen by the team at FRANKsecure.

Tip #1 … get a safe

This was by far the most polled response from my team and I couldn’t agree more. I am sure I have blogged previously that if you were to invest in one single security product then a safe should be at the top of your list. Our Safe Catalogue.


Tip #2 … lock your doors properly

This response was received in numerous ways and I perceived the same conclusion once I grouped the ideas. Lock Your Doors ! Apparently our technicians come across many customers who have locks and doors and security screens but don’t use them or don’t have the right locks or keys.

  • Install deadlocks, not standard locks, keyed inside and out, and don’t rely on the simple plastic locks found on most glass patio doors and windows.
  • Install a register key system to prevent easy duplication of your keys.
  • Install crim-safe screens if you plan on leaving your solid doors open.
  • Actually lock your doors and gates, get into the habit, even when you are home.
  • Locks, Digital Locks


Tip #3 … install an alarm

Even our locksmiths love the idea of an alarm system. Detecting the presence of an intruder and letting them know (and yourself) they have been detected is a major deterrent. Our alarm systems have fantastic smartphone apps with video verification tools making Alarm Systems a valuable and useful tool.

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Tip #4 … awareness

Be aware of your surroundings and be involved with your local community. This was an interesting subject raised and I agree with the importance of being aware.

  • know your neighbours and communicate with them
  • subscribe to Facebook community groups relevant to you and your area, and if practical participate and share information
  • subscribe to the Police Facebook page and other related Emergency Services sites

The critics against Facebook should look to the positive side of the medium. Facebook is widely used and subscribed to and it provides a worthy and fast news broadcasting service.