3 Tips of Advice

3 tips of advice for a safe & secure Christmas 2013


To be honest, I could produce a list in the form of a book if you were to record all of the tips and suggested security solutions to be secure and safe for Christmas.

Christmas is a special time where many of us travel to see relatives and take the kids on a holiday, and it is such a hectic time as schools come to a close, shopping needs to be done, and work seems to be even more demanding. So here are 3 thoughts to consider.

1. Don’t Be Complacent

Do something! Even if it is a token security gesture. There are many budget conscious choices to better secure your premises than to do nothing.

  • Signage.
  • Dummy Alarm & Cameras.
  • Neighbourhood Watch.
  • Advise your neighbours so they can be aware & alert, give them a contact number to get in touch with you in the event of an incident.
  • Locks, and good locks. Don’t make it easy for a prowler to enter your property.
  • Anything perimeter-wise, such as lights, strobes, a short burst siren will move most prowlers onto somewhere else.
  • Break-ins occur everyday, don’t be complacent.

2. You Have Security… know how to use it!

So often people will invest in a good security system but never make the effort to know how to use it properly. The problem then arises when an event does occur and you find out the system hasn’t done what you were expecting it to do.

  • Run a test on your system, set off the alarm and see what happens (if monitored let the monitoring room know what you are about to do),
  • Got a CCTV system? try and review the footage on your DVR, is it still recording?
  • Got keys lying around the house? Be sure to lock them away (a key cabinet is a good economical investment) particularly the car keys (many households have 2 cars & you would only ever take one away on holidays)

3. Plan for it now!

Like everything in life we often leave all of our to-do’s to the last minute.

Try to look at one component of your security each week (there are not many left before Christmas) and test it, or organise someone to rectify or improve on it.


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