The 2 Faces of Cyber Security

The 2 faces of cyber security. What do I mean by that?

FRANKsecure is about securing property by providing products that assist people in managing their risk against theft and indeed personal harm.

We are entering the era of the Internet of Things at an extremely rapid pace, so much so in that our product offerings include the ability to CONNECT (this is a very important concept to keep in mind) to the outside world via the internet. This is a fantastic thing. I am excited at the future prospects of what can be achieved by the internet and cannot wait to see how products adapt and become a part of this exciting world. The big BUT which I am sure you are anticipating, is ….. well there are few BUTs so stay with me and I’ll describe a few of my thoughts. This article will not go into depth on any particular point, I intend on producing future articles on these.

Back to the 2 faces of cyber security.

Face #1 is the threat of intrusion into your home or office network.

Words that come to mind with this Face are; hackers, VPNs, firewalls, virus protection, ransomware, malware and so on. This is an extremely important facet to your home and office security, particularly when you start CONNECTING (important concept warning) intercoms, alarm systems, camera systems and door locks to smartphone apps. This will be the new way to break into your house or workplace. Traditionally the threat was a disruptive attack, now it will become a physical threat.

Face #2 is the threat of personal safety, and more so the safety of your children, not discounting the threat to adults but it is certainly a bigger threat to our children’s safety.

Recently I had attended a talk about cyber security and how it relates to our children.


All I can recommend is not to be complacent or remain ignorant on the cyber security of your children (or yourself) on the internet. And yes as a security provider I can see how easy it could be to also become disruptive and become a physical threat to someone’s property via this Face of Cyber Security.

This face is actually about connections (there it is again) not about technology and infiltrating by software and viruses. It is about the 2 faced connections people and our children develop over the internet. It is the false relationships, the grooming of children, the bullying over social sites, the sexting over mobile phones. The mainstream gaming sites our children participate on are online, that means they are a social network just like Facebook, Instagram and Snap Chat. What you post and provide in your profiles and how you communicate with fellow gamers or friends is basically PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE. The results of your participation and that of your children may be catastrophic. The good news is that you do not have to be technology savvy to be aware and be protective of your children and yourself. This subject requires it’s own article and I will contribute an article to this space very soon.



FRANKsecure will continue to develop our skills in this space of security as it will become an integral component of our security offering to our clients. We do not want to be ignorant ourselves and we will not be ignorant. As always we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of security products and methods of securing you and your property. Today that means we must be aware of Cyber Security and how it impacts on our security systems and how we can manage our risks.

Remember one thing, that both faces of Cyber Security are people and what we participate in on the internet is not private just because you feel so when it’s you and the screen in front of you… there are perpetrators waiting for your information on a screen somewhere and everywhere!